At Lobster Burger Bar in the entertainment district, your furry friend can gobble up premium food that’s good enough to share

Dog chows down on gourmet food at Lobster Burger Bar
Courtesy of Lobster Burger Bar

Patio season is now in full swing. While it’s easy for humans to find a welcoming spot to chill and snack in the sun, the same can’t be said for our doggo friends. Sure, since the city loosened its leash on regulations, there are plenty of dog-friendly patios. But only one creates the atmosphere where your four-legged bestie can chill and chow down with you. And it all started with a stroller full of dogs and a chance meeting at the gym. Stay with me here. 

Early in the summer of 2021, restrictions were lifting, patios were opening and Marcel Schneebeli, one of the managers at the King Street restaurant Lobster Burger Bar (214 King West) was out for a walk when he spotted a couple coming towards him with a stroller. Expecting to see a cute pandemic baby, Schneebeli was instead greeted by two pandemic pups going for a ride.

That got the wheels turning in his head. People treat their dogs like children, and a lot of people had adopted fur babies during the early days of lockdown. How could he make them all feel welcome at the restaurant?

Shortly afterwards, Schneebeli was at the gym when he struck up a conversation with entrepreneurs Marissa and Sarah, who happened to run a holistic dog food business. Serendipity had struck… and the dog menu was born!

Created to offer a healthier alternative to “premium brand” dog foods, Puppy Gang Fresh Foods uses hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients in all their meals. Their dedication to quality and fresh ingredients made them the perfect choice for Lobster Burger Bar’s dog menu.

Now you can order one of four meals for your scruffer: Thanksgiving Turkey, Zesty Rosemary Chicken, Beef Lovers or Fisherman’s Catch. 

What started as just a dog menu has evolved into a mini dog spa experience. The restaurant has beds, blankets, custom LBB bowls and even little tables to make your pup as comfortable as possible as the two of you share a meal out.

The restaurant doesn’t generally take reservations for the patio, but if you’re coming from outside the GTA with your doggo they will make an exception so you don’t travel all that way for nothing.

Best of all, Puppy Gang meals are made with human grade food, so if you and your dog want to truly share a meal, the option is on the table. Or in the dog bowl, I guess.