For Barriere, it’s not enough to merely put ingredients and booze in a glass and call it a day. “At this level of my career, my craft is all about sharing cocktails and culture,” she says. “If I can bring in some nostalgia of childhood or, you know, college, high school memories, I’m going to do that because it connects with people right now.” This spice-kissed martini is a great example of that. (And the familiar-to-many Tony Chachere’s is bound to conjure some comfort food memories.)

As for which spirit you should use in Barriere’s recipe, that’s up to you. The never-ending vodka or gin martini debate rages on and Barriere recognizes that it’s your martini, after all, so make it as you please. That said, Barriere is team gin. “Gin has that flavor profile we’re looking for…gin brings out so much flavor because of all the botanicals,” she notes.

You can garnish with the classic, the expected olive. “But ​​I thought about what other briny things you can have in the fridge and I love capers,” says Barriere, who adorns her Cajun-spiced Et Toi martini with those green, pickled buds. “Capers—they’re smaller, they’re cuter, and they’ve got a little bit of saltiness.”