Though we’re living in a post-vaccination world, Covid-19 is very real and anxiety the present and future still very much exists. The desire to achieve at least some level of peace of mind remains high.

Perhaps a little disconnect is in order to help create our own private calm, one we control, something that lets us stay in touch with reality—like a warm cup of soothing helpful tea. Brewed in the safety and comfort of home, a good cup of tea can reduce stress. Even its aroma can melt worries away.
But first, a brief primer. Any beverage made from steeping herbs (with or without spices) is called a “tisane.” Tea is a tisane, but it’s made with leaves from the tea plant. Tisanes and green teas, even though the latter contains some caffeine, can help relieve stress. 

Even the little things matter. A relaxing tea ritual can start with assembling the ingredients. With a saucepan, a sieve, and your favorite tisane, water and fragrant herbs can be your remedy for stress. Organic raw materials from reputed brands like Feel Good Organics, Banyan Botanicals, and Melissa’s Produce, particularly for fresh turmeric root, are a great way to stock the pantry. 

Brands like The Tea Company also offer loose leaf herbal blends that may contain green tea. If you would rather enjoy the convenience of tea bags, brands like Organic India, Traditional Medicinals, and Numi have wonderful blends. Well-made tisanes and teas offer a fantastic double dose of aromatherapy.

These past two years, in particular, have given us perspective, so we focus on the little things that matter the most, and that bring us joy. A well-made cup of “functional” tea can put us in just the right frame of mind to relax, so, as the Dalai Lama suggests, we can calmly forge ahead, with strength, self-confidence, and good health.

Thanks to centuries of global trade, we don’t have to scour special markets or gardens for the best teas. Here are some of my favorite herbs that make fantastic relaxing teas: