Since its inception in 2014, Miracle has been bringing holiday cheer to New York’s spirited drinkers. Nowadays, the Christmas-themed bar gifts the same merry and bright energy to the masses with pop-ups inside bars across the U.S. and beyond.

From dives in Dallas to cocktail lounges in Montreal, Miracle transforms these spaces into  wintry wonderlands—with a beverage program to match. The Yippie Ki Yay Mother F****r! is a tiki drink masquerading as a festive tipple (as much as Diehard is an acclaimed holiday flick). The Snowball Old-Fashioned adds gingerbread spice to up the Christmas ante. But as for the requisite Miracle cocktail classic, look no further than the Christmastime Cosmopolitan.

This riff on the Cosmo, created by Nico de Soto, is a holiday twist on the classic made with St-Germain in place of triple sec and a homemade spiced cranberry sauce instead of the usual juice, which gives the drink a more viscous texture. Fig bitters top it all off with extra seasonal cheer. Bright, tart and amazingly refreshing, it’s a gorgeous drink for a holiday party—or, simply, a gulp of relief after a long day of tree trimming and Xmas shopping.