Every new season I like to update my living space so it constantly feels fresh and exciting. But, let’s be real. Who has the budget to completely re-do their living space 4 times a year? To save money, I like to get a little creative and find various decor items that reflect the season and sprinkle them around my apartment. It’s amazing to see how some decor items can really transform your space! This season, I decided to challenge myself to see if I could update my living space for summer with items from the dollar store.

Here’s What I Found!

Birdhouse Key-holder

The first thing I came across was this adorable birdhouse key-holder! I liked how simple it was, yet still summery. I hung it near my front door so I can drop my keys on it soon as I get home! I love items that are both practical and cute.

Wicker Place-Mat

Next, I found this wicker place-mat and thought it was the perfect addition for my coffee table, and it was! Adding summery textures to a space really helps accomplish an overall summer feeling. Plus, I’ve seen simular pieces at other decor stores, and they’re always more expensive.

Orange-Print Candle

Of course I had to find something to go on the above place-mat, and when I came across the candle section, I was impressed! To be honest, I’m probably not even going to burn this candle, I just loved the orange design! It screams summer.

Iridescent Vase

This iridescent vase was my favourite find of the shopping trip. I love how subtle the iridescent is. It simply just adds a bit of colour to an otherwise regular glass vase! I added some of my fake flowers I previously found at HomeSense, but the dollar store also always has its own assortment as well.

Flower Pot + Fake Plant

I came across a bunch of fake plants while shopping and went with the above. It’s mostly leafy with some pink blooms throughout (pink just happens to be my favourite colour). However, the pot it came in was ugly and boring, so I opted to buy a pot to put it in while I was there. This white, grey, and gold one was perfect for my space, tying in my gold candle-holders with the gold accent on the pot.

Fairy Lights Bottle

What would decorating with items from the dollar store be without at least one fail? I had high hopes for this bottle with fairy lights in it, and it ended up just not being the look I was going for. It’s not horrible but definitely not great. You win some you lose some!

Framed Painting

Lastly, I found this super cute picture of a bike with a basket filled of flowers! To me, it looks more high-end than it is and really brings some pops of summer colours into my space.

Overall, I would say my shopping trip to update my living space for summer at the dollar store was a success, and I only spent about $30! I definitely recommend going into your local dollar store and seeing what you can find, you may be surprised.

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