It’s officially spring (as of today)! As we wait for the weather to catch up to the season, the best way to manifest some spring energy is with a lovely spring fragrance! Although there are no real rules for appropriate times to wear specific fragrances, seasons tend to have a heavy influence on the scents we feel like wearing. In winter, for instance, warm and spicy notes are a popular choice, and as spring comes around it’s all about fresh, floral, and citrusy scents. If you’re ready to put your winter perfumes to the side and add some freshness to your perfume collection, we’ve got you covered!

Check out the 10 best fragrances to shop for spring!

Dior - Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Dior – Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

The name Blooming Bouquet alone screams spring, and thankfully, the fragrance does too. It’s a fresh floral scent with notes of Damascus rose, peony, and white musk, the perfect everyday scent to wear throughout the entire spring season!

$180 @ Sephora

Maison Margiela - REPLICA Bubble Bath

NEST - Citrine Eau de Parfum

Sol De Janeiro - Brazilian Crush Cheirosa

Gucci - Bloom

Gucci – Bloom

Gucci Bloom has been a popular spring perfume choice seemingly since it came out, and still remains to be a great option to this day! It’s a classic floral scent with notes of natural tuberose and jasmine. You can’t really go wrong with this fragrance!

$147 @ Sephora

The 7 Virtues - Vetiver Elemi

The 7 Virtues – Vetiver Elemi

Who doesn’t love an environmentally-friendly fragrance? Enter, The 7 Virtues brand. It’s Eau de Parfum, Vetiver Elemi is a great spring fragrance for those looking for a more earthy and woody scent with notes of elemi, geranium, and vetiver.

$110 @ Sephora

Marc Jacobs - Daisy Eau So Fresh

Marc Jacobs – Daisy Eau So Fresh

The Marc Jacob’s fragrance line is known to be sophisticated yet still fun and flirty. And  Daisy Eau So Fresh is exactly that – down to its bottle.  It’s a fresh and feminine scent with notes of red raspberry, wild rose, and warm plum. It’s a great day-to-day scent for spring and beyond.

$125 @ Sephora

Valentino - Donna Born in Roma

Clean Reserve - Fresh Laundry

Clean Reserve – Fresh Laundry

Picture fresh linens hanging out on a clothesline after coming out of the wash. That’s what this fragrance embodies with notes of jasmine, fresh-cut grass, and patchouli. Need we say more?

$98 @ Sephora

Glossier - You Eau de Parfum

Glossier – You Eau de Parfum

Technically, this perfume is considered to be a warm and spicy scent, but it has notes of Iris for a powdery freshness, perfect for spring (and really, all year round). The fragrance is super unique as its designed to smell like “you” – it smells a little different on everyone and just provides the most light and comforting scent ever. Highly recommend!

$83 @ Sephora

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