Are pick-up locations the new trend? Starbucks is opening more pick-up-only locations around the city. 

The first-ever spot in Canada opened around two years ago in Commerce Court, and now the second location just opened at 39 East Liberty in Toronto. 

Two more pick-up-only stores are opening, according to the Starbucks site, which are at 203 College and 1030 Queen West. There isn’t a specific timeframe for these quite yet, but it does say “coming soon.”

Although there really isn’t a major change for customers, it’s basically just a more convenient way to get your Starbucks fixing on the go. 

All you have to do is use the app and make a mobile order, which can consist of both beverages and food, to the pick-up only location. 

According to a representative of Starbucks who spoke to Daily Hive, “When they arrive at the store, customers can track the status of their order on a digital screen in the store and then pick up their order directly from a Starbucks barista.”

I’m sure we’ll see a ton of these opening across the city as that’s part of the reason why Starbucks started closing a bunch of locations two years ago.

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