Scorpio is perfectly suited to the spirited traditions that run through its season—from Halloween to Samhain to Día de los Muertos. That’s because this fixed water sign that’s symbolized by a scorpion is all about swimming to whatever deep and murky depths are required to get to the heart of an issue or expose some hidden truth. While known to strike without warning, this is also a sign that can teach us important lessons around boundaries and protecting ourselves.

Scorpio season, which begins October 23, is the perfect time to reflect on how you can show up as your biggest advocate, even if you occasionally ruffle feathers along the way. As some of us recall and celebrate the dead at this time of year, it might be an apt occasion to reflect on your personal ghosts, whether that be loved ones or perhaps a long-released belief or attachment. You can celebrate how far you’ve come, reaffirm your decision to leave certain things buried, and thank others for the role they played—and perhaps are still playing—in your life.

Celebrate the season with this moody take on a Negroni Sbagliato, which substitutes a dry sparkling red for the usual Prosecco. We’re especially loving it with this limited edition Sparkling Grenache from woman-owned Nomadica, but any dry sparkling red will do.