Every year when September arrives, it’s as if fall does too. All of the pumpkin spice and sweater weather content takes over everyone’s feed on social media. From the autumn colours to the cozy aesthetic, we can see why everyone loves it so much. 

But, we still have 20% of summer left because the official last day of summer is September 22!

So why rush into anything? This year, savour the last few weeks of the warm season before it’s gone. 

Courtesy of Coors Light Canada

Summer is still going strong and Coors Light is here to ensure it continues. The Made to Chill brand is helping Canadians squeeze every last second of chill out of the sunny season by reminding everyone to not rush into fall too early.

From now until September 22, find your friends who are posting about apple picking, pumpkin spice or anything else fall and tag their posts with #CaughtByCoorsLight to automatically be entered into a Coors Light contest to win prizes to keep the summer fun going. Don’t forget to tag Coors Light Canada (@coorslightcanada on Instagram and @coorslightca on Twitter). You can also create your own Reels using the Coors Light Canada IG Reel original audio.

Courtesy of Coors Light Canada

There will be a ton of content to be #CaughtByCoorsLight, so you’ll have many opportunities to enter the contest. 

Get on your socials and enjoy the rest of the summer! 

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