From pale ales, pilsners and radlers to seltzers and more, these variations on beers and vodka drinks are the perfect choice for the season

summer drinks 2022
Photo by Nick Lachance

Left Field: 7th Inning Seltzer (Grapefruit Tangerine and Key Lime)

With no added sugar, both of these naturally fermented seltzers are excellent light summer drinking choices. The flavours are subtle but crisp at the same time, and truly refreshing on a hot afternoon, regardless of what inning in the sport thing it is.

Sawdust City: Patio Nights

With a beautifully vibrant reddish-purple hue, Patio Nights brings warm summer vibes with its juicy colour and flavours. Light on hop character, the fruity notes in this beer glide across your palate as a subtle spicy characteristic greet you on the finish. Insert obligatory Kim Mitchell reference: Instead of going for a soda, reach for a can of this Sawdust city summer classic.

Indie Ale House: Marco Polo Italian Pilsner

Marco? Pilsner! No need to search any further. Your cool, crisp refreshing summer pilsner is here. Slight floral and citrus notes make for a refreshing experience, as the pilsner finishes bitter with a clean mouth feel. What are you waiting for? Get out of the pool and find a few cans.

Bellwoods: Wizard Wolf Pale Ale

Is summer your jam? Because Bellwoods decided to can it for you in Wizard Wolf Pale Ale, so you’re welcome. Lovely grapefruit, tangerine and melon flavours are the backbone of this beautifully aromatic pale ale, which pairs perfectly with any green space you have access to. What’s the magic spell to make a beer appear? Oh yeah, Accio Beer!

Pump House: Crafty Radler

With complementary flavours of grapefruit and tangerine and a healthy ABV of 4.7 per cent, this citrus bomb does radler inventor Franz Xaver Kugler proud. Seriously though: did they brand this with a cute raccoon just to sell it to Trontonians…? Cause it’s working!

Kensington Brewing Company: Mosaic Hopped Seltzer

This is probably the most unique seltzer you’ll try this summer. Made with mosaic hops, Kensington Brewing has created a drink that has characteristics of a beer with flavours of citrus and earthy hops on the nose, but the light flavour and low carbonation of a seltzer. It’s truly a new summer classic.

Collective Arts: Garden Party Gimlet

Flavours of cucumber, lemon/lime and hints of spice dance across your palate with each sip. So grab a few cans, find a garden party to crash and get your summer on!

Georgian Bay: Vodka Smash

Lemon, lime, grapefruit and mint create a lovely balance to this easy-sipping cocktail. Slightly sweeter than other drinks in this category, it still goes down easy at a barbecue or park hang.

Bangarang: Hard Seltzers

With flavours like blue raspberry and cream soda, memories of boozy slushies from your early 20s fill your mind. These seltzers are a little on the sweeter side but still very refreshing.

Disclosure: Nick Lachance works part time as a bartender at Collective Arts Toronto.