“This cocktail features Wigle Amaro and Barr Hill Tom Cat gin, both of which are produced by East Coast distilleries largely invested in supporting responsible agriculture,” Benkert says. “The marigold in this drink does not serve a purpose beyond decoration. However, it is from a local farmer that we have a very close relationship with, and it helps us showcase his craft.”

How to make floral ice cubes

When it comes to making edible flower ice cubes at home, Benkert suggests checking out a nearby flower farm. “The vast majority of flowers are edible,” he explains. “But the ones available at an average supermarket are going to be sprayed with all sorts of chemicals.” The other option is to grow the flowers yourself, and Benkert recommends working with marigolds, as they flower quite easily. While silicone ice cube trays will do the trick in a pinch, crafting your own DIY mold at home will get you a much cleaner result. 

Once you’ve sourced your flowers and it’s time to freeze, the most important thing to focus on is getting the flower to stay centered. “Not only will they float, but they’ll also move around a lot,” he says. The trick is to get a small tub, either the size of your desired ice cube, or big enough so that it can be spaced out using dividers. “Instead of filling the tub all the way up with water, stop a quarter of the way and add the flower in, allowing it to freeze so that the flower is floating on top of the water.”