I found out about you through Michete, who posted your About Fashion video where you get lip injections. I’d love to hear more about that song.

Writing that song was really random. I was doing this photo shoot and the photographer asked me what I was going to wear. And I’m still broke—at the time I had zero dollars, actually. I told him, “I just got all this filler. That’s what I’m wearing to the shoot.” My lips are my clothes and my filler is now my fashion. My body is my clothes. Then I just wrote down all these different ideas of what were my “fashion,” just rejecting the whole fashion industry.

I love fashion. I think it’s a fun creative outlet, but at the same time, it can be very exclusive. And it’s been a hard thing for me to navigate through, gender-wise. Like, all of the sudden I have to get all these new clothes because my gender expression has changed and I want different reactions from different people. Clothes have been either very liberating or feeling like a prison, so I strip it all back.

Is that why you get naked on stage?

A big part of the reason why I get naked is to break down the wall between me and the audience. I’d always go to concerts and want to lose my mind. I’d want to dance but I was always very self-conscious about it. And I would drink a lot—I’m sober now. So, I was like, how could I invite the audience to lose their fucking shit with me? And it’s like, Well, I’m now naked standing in front of you. Everyone’s biggest fear and I’m actually doing that now, so what do you have to be afraid of? You should dance, lose your mind. You should whip your hair back and forth because that’s what we’re all here to do.