Every now and then, it’s a good idea to reflect on our current routines and habits and implement ways to improve them. It can be things as little as drinking an extra glass of water a day or waking up 20 minutes earlier to allow yourself more “you” time in the morning. If you’ve been feeling a little blah or uninspired lately, try switching up your daily routine a bit with some fresh healthy habits! 

We challenge you to add at least 2 of these healthy habits to your daily routine!


Don’t knock it until you try it! Meditation can do wonders for your mental health. Just look up guided meditations on YouTube and follow along. You can even search for videos catering to specific concerns you’d like to work on (anxiety, confidence, etc.). 

Drink An Extra Glass Of Water

If you ask us, we think anyone could benefit from drinking an extra glass of water a day. Most of us probably aren’t intaking enough water anyway! Start your day off with a glass of water and take it from there! 

Practice Positive Affirmations In The Morning

It may sound cheesy, but practicing positive affirmations in the morning to start your day off is so underrated. Download ‘I Am’ from the App Store to get an affirmation sent to you every day! Or simply Google or Pinterest some positive affirmations to find some that resonate. 

Go To Bed + Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier

Sleep can be somewhat of a controversial topic, as sometimes it really can’t be controlled all that much. But, if you have the luxury, even just going and laying in bed just 20-30 minutes earlier in order to wake up just a little bit earlier can do wonders! Who couldn’t use an extra half hour to themselves in the morning?

Perfect Your Skincare Routine

Show yourself a little bit of extra love by perfecting your skincare routine! Performing a skincare routine before bed feels almost ritualistic – so make it something you look forward to ending your day with! 

Eat At The Table For At Least One Meal

If you eat every meal at the table, hats off to you. Honestly, can’t relate. It can become all too easy to get into a routine of eating infront of the TV and/or on the couch. But eating at the table allows you to be more mindful of what/how much you’re eating, plus it helps practice being present in the moment instead of zoning out to a show. 

Go On A Daily Walk

We refuse to let hot girl walks retire. Even if its just for a few minutes, get outside and go on a walk every day. It not only gets you out and active, but also allows you to get some much-needed fresh air. 

Read Something 

Whether it be a chapter in a book or an article or two online (we post almost daily – shameless plug). Reading something gets your eyes off the social apps and hey – you may even learn something new. 

Call A Friend Or Family Member 

It’s so important to make time for the people you love in your life! For both them and yourself. It can be so therapeutic to talk to a friend or family member on the daily.

Use A Daily Planner

Using a daily planner allows your days to be more intentional. Write down everything you want to accomplish in a day, no matter how minuscule. You can use a physical planner or we are really loving the GoodNotes app if you have an iPad! You can even find and purchase different templates for the app online. 

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