The iconic iced tea, now with 5% alcohol, is bringing back our fave ‘90s trends for its OG price tag, and we’re here for it!

You’ve likely seen the platform sandals in shop windows, noticed the return of low-rise jeans, or maybe even purchased a pair of your dad’s favourite New Balances. The ‘90s are new again, so it’s only fitting that AriZona Hard – a ‘90s staple now with 5% alcohol, is bringing back some of our fave ‘90s trends this summer for the great buy of ¢99, inspired by the original Green Tea tall can.

We all love a retro look and an even better deal, and Canadians can look no further than for some ultimate finds this summer.

Courtesy of AriZona Hard

Starting August 2 at 1:00 p.m. EST, Canadians can get their hands on a timeless accessory: a chunky, big-faced digital watch. Inspired by AriZona Hard’s Lemon Iced Tea flavour, this bold statement piece is primed to stand the test of time – and turn a few heads – so you can enjoy summer around the clock.

Courtesy of AriZona Hard

There’s no time like the present (or the ‘90s of course), so set your watches for the chance to snag one of these items – they will go fast, it’s first come, first served while quantities last!

You can visit @arizonahardca for more information or to subscribe to the AriZona Hard e-newsletter for updates on drop timing and more merch to come this summer. 

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