Optimist Botanicals
From Downtown LA comes Optimist Botanicals, a line of non-alcoholic spirits with a cool kid vibe (I told you, I’m superficial and judge a drink by its label) and complex flavors to back up its appealing branding. Optimist Botanicals offers three flavors of non-alcoholic spirits: Smokey, Bright, and Fresh.

Need inspiration for some non-alcoholic cocktails? Optimist has even created a roster of mocktail recipes to get you started.

Samuel Adams Just the Haze
My favorite, tried-and-true beer choice is a hazy IPA. NA iterations can be a bit tricky—I’ve tried a few duds in my day—but, thankfully, legacy brewer Samuel Adams has got it down pat. With less than 0.5% ABV and 98 calories, Just the Haze is made with Citra and Mosaic hops, among others, and has the familiar, hazy, hoppy qualities of a world-class IPA.

De Soi
Katy Perry’s non-alcoholic aperitif was “inspired by the French ethos of pleasure with restraint,” Perry told Vogue in January 2022. Created by Perry and business partner Morgan McLachlan, De Soi has a similar vibe to Kin—it aims to calm the mind, but without the negative side effects of alcohol. “It ultimately comes back to being able to have the mood and feeling of a drink, but getting adaptogens instead of alcohol and high sugar content,” Perry said.

The aperitif comes in full bottles and cans. The Purple Lune is crafted with ashwagandha and tart cherry, while Champignon features reishi mushroom and passion flowers.

Jalisco 55 Spiritless Tequila
Jalisco 55 Spiritless Tequila, a non-alcoholic product that uses reverse distillation to dealcoholize, is so convincingly similar to an alcoholic tequila that I thought I accidentally broke the Sober October pact. I had to check the label!

Spiritless has herbaceous undertones of a reposado, but without the alcohol burn (which in my opinion, is not a bad thing). The elegant, balanced flavors also feature agave, citrus, and vanilla.

Betty Buzz
While Ryan Reynolds has become somewhat of a legend for his billion-dollar Aviation Gin business, his other half, Blake Lively, doesn’t partake in booze at all. She saw a need in the market for mocktail mixers and Betty Buzz was born. While, of course, you can pair the Tonic with Reynolds’ gin, it’s also a great way to elevate your mocktail experience. Pro-tip: pair your Betty Buzz with the Ritual Alternative for a non-alcoholic G&T that everyone can enjoy.