Cancer season, starting on June 21, also marks the beginning of summer. Symbolized by the crab, this protective and at times crotchety sign might not be the first that comes to mind when you think of long sunny days and warm weather fun.

Just like their crustacean counterparts, Cancers have a tendency to be defensive, but it’s only to protect a soft, vulnerable center. Ruled by the moon that represents our emotions and internal tides, Cancers often reveal themselves to be nurturing, intuitive, and sensitive—if you can get past the hard outer shell.

Then again, maybe Cancer season comes at exactly the right time, because when better to expose our pale fleshy bits than under a warm and reassuring sun? Isn’t it a little easier to put ourselves out there when nature is doing the same and the world is at peak bloom?

No one knows better than Cancer how powerless it can feel to navigate the world without our usual armor, but this is a sign that asks us to at least become aware of the masks and shields we use, in order to recognize when it’s time for some of them to come down.

At the very least, we can identify and gravitate towards spaces where we feel comfortable being our authentic selves. We can also validate that if there are places where we don’t find belonging, that’s a shortcoming of the environment, rather than ourselves—a timely reminder for Pride Month.

Let your defenses come down with this Crabi Sun (we couldn’t resist the pun), a gin-driven riff on the punchy kiwi-strawberry Capri Sun. Nostalgic and refreshing, this juicy cocktail pairs women- and LGBTQ-owned Future Gin with a French aperitif and fresh fruits for an incredibly drinkable concoction that will take you right back to the sun-soaked days of your youth.