Libra season arrives on the heels of the fall equinox—one of two days in the year when day and night are of equal length, which makes sense for this air sign that’s symbolized by the scales. Ruled by Venus, Libra values harmony, intimacy, and aesthetics—big-hearted and velvet-voiced Olivia Newton-John was the perfect reflection of her star sign if you’re looking for a famous representative to exemplify the astrological character.

Sometimes diplomatic to a fault, we’d do well to follow Libra’s example while Mercury is Retrograde through October 2. Expect technological mishaps, travel delays, and miscommunications, and do your best to use this as a time to rethink and review elements of your life like love and career. Lean into Libra’s natural creativity by making a vision board or dressing up for a job that you hope to get.

A lovable Devil’s Advocate, Libra is known for always getting the last word in—there’s always another side to be considered or a new perspective to bring to light—but this month we’re encouraging everyone to take a pause and a sip of this Last Word cocktail before bursting in with any impulsive thoughts. Our version celebrates Latinx Heritage Month with Mexico City-made Condesa Gin, which utilizes Mexican botanicals like palo santo, Mexican sage, and jasmine, as well as herbs that promise to clear you of negative energy and resins to raise your consciousness. Try the prickly pear and orange blossom gin for a floral take on the classic drink.