Canada’s Wonderland is open for the summer season, and its newest ride has just opened to the public!

The new ride At Canada’s Wonderland, called Tundra Twister, is a 360-degree spinning swing ride with twisting gondola arms, that can fit up to 40 people at a time. 

Apparently, it’s the first of its kind in the world!

The ride is 47 metres tall and has speeds of 75 km/hour, soaring its riders sky-high. 

“The Tundra Twister will be a sight to behold, swinging and spinning guests high above the midway and nearby Yukon Striker…” said Norm Pirtovshek, general manager at Canada’s Wonderland via Curiosity Toronto

Some other rides that the same manufacturer created include; Psyclone, Shockwave, Windseeker, and Soaring Timbers. 

The Tundra Twister ride isn’t for the faint of hearts (or stomachs) – but if you love a spinning ride and a surge of adrenaline, you can climb right on in. 

To find the new and exciting ride, head over toward Splash Works beside Yukon Striker. It will be hard to miss!
Get your tickets for Canada’s Wonderland here.

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