Ever wanted to visit an Ontario provincial park but didn’t want to pay the fees? For one day only this summer, you can visit any Ontario provincial park completely free for its Healthy Parks Healthy People celebration! Curiosity reports

Mark your calendars for July 21, 2023, to explore your favourite park (or discover a new one), and sample its facilities and services until 10 PM, with a complimentary pass that you’ll be given once you arrive.  

The pass will allow you access to access to the amenities that each respective park has to offer. Hiking trails, beaches, waterfalls, and more! 

Keep in mind, any additional facilities not included in a normal day-pass visit at these provincial parks, like camping and rentals, will still cost extra. As well as additional charges at the swimming pools in Bronte Creek and Earl Rowe provincial parks. 

Visit a park in the area or take a road trip and take advantage of this one-day-only event! 

Can’t decide where to go? Click here to view our round-up of Ontario Provincial Parks, all within 4 hours of Toronto!

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