Pride Month is a wonderful time to really place an emphasis on supporting LGBTQ+ communities. Of course, we need to be celebrating and showing love to all people all year long, but we can take this as a reminder to reflect. We’ve rounded up our fave LGBTQ+ locally-owned businesses that you can browse and check out. Feel free to DM us on Instagram for any additional recommendations!

Here are LGBTQ+ Canadian-owned businesses to support all year long.

Craig’s Cookies

Craig’s Cookies are definitely a staple in every cookie lover’s dream. There are now five locations in Toronto which include The Village, Parkdale, Leaside, Leslieville, and Yorkdale.


SOAP is a Canadian queer-owned apparel company with a social mission to give back to the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Not only does it sell premium quality apparel, but 5% of all profits go toward supporting queer charities and advocacy groups.

Toni Marlow

Toni Marlow is a statement undergarment brand founded by Jaymin (Jalisa) Luces-Mendes in Toronto, Canada back in 2015. It places a major focus on using high-quality fabrics and paying attention to detail so that your body is getting exactly what it needs. Toni Marlow is all about inclusivity and finding the right pieces to feel confident.

Bean Around The World

Native to British Columbia, Bean Around The World has 23 locations all around the province. It seeks out the best beans around to offer a delicious cup of joe.

Dew of the Gods

Dew of the Gods is definitely a beauty brand to keep on your radar. Browse all of its products to get your glow on all day every day. It purchases carbon offsets for the air and ocean transport of products, as well as selects packaging made with previously-recycled components and materials. Dew of the Gods promises to always feature LGBTQ+ people in all of its marketing to partnerships—how awesome is that?

Glad Day Bookshop

Glad Day Bookshop is the first queer-focused Canadian bookstore and the oldest queer bookstore worldwide. It first opened in 1970 and continues to offer the widest possible selection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirit, and queer literature.

Little Rainbow Paper Co.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Little Rainbow Paper Co. welcomes all people. The business also focuses on queer and quirky, LGBTQ cards and prints that help us celebrate our lives and relationships in meaningful ways. Plus, check out the super cute pins that are available too!

TRU Tattoo

TRU Tattoo Studio’s objective is to create a safer, sustainable, and functional space for Black, Indigenous, racialized, Queer, and Trans tattoo artists. The studio provides a space where anyone and everyone can feel safe getting tattooed. The shop’s artists also specialize in tattooing Black and dark skin.

Ladies Love Units

Ladies Love Units, founded by Kevin and his partner Willie, was founded on a mission to provide Kevin’s sister, who was diagnosed with cancer, a realistic-looking wig or unit that didn’t need glue to stay on to help her regain confidence. The duo put their heads together and handcrafted a one-of-a-kind wig, fully customized for the wearer – and soon after, Ladies Love Units was born. Today, they continue to offer clients an exclusive, full-service experience that is unmatched in the industry.

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