Are you an avid customer at Shoppers Drug Mart? The Canadian retail pharmacy chain is a great one-stop-shop to grab all of your essentials—and non-essentials too. If you’re looking to save some extra cash on your next Shoppers Drug Mart shopping trip, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are tips to help you save money at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Sign Up For A PC Optimum Card

The very first step if you want to save money is to get yourself a PC Optimum card. With each shopping trip, you can accumulate points and eventually redeem them for dollar amounts off of your purchases.

Shop When You Can Earn Major bonus Points

If you’re planning to shop ’til you drop at Shoppers Drug Mart, you should definitely wait until there’s a promotion going on. Typically, these promos allow you to rack up bonus points for spending certain amounts of money and also for redeeming points that you’ve already accumulated. As if you needed an excuse to spend more on household necessities and treat-worthy items!

Utilize The Weekly Flyer

Always keep an eye out for the weekly flyer. You’ll be able to scope out all of the deals for that week and be sure that you don’t miss any!

Shop During the Sale Days

Shoppers Drug Mart will usually have pop-up deals every week that are only available within a one to two-day period. These promos are usually the best savings throughout the store, so keep an eye out for those too.


Check Out The Manager’s Stickers

If you’re browsing through the food section, you may come across red and white manager stickers. These have been placed on items with an upcoming expiry date, so you’ll be able to get a discount on the product.

Shop the Clearance

Another Shoppers Drug Mart money-saving tip is to never skip out on the clearance rack! Always be sure to check it out before leaving the store so you don’t miss out on any awesome deals.

Download the PC Optimum App

Download the PC Optimum App to get personalized offers, tailoring deals to the items you buy most!

Search For Coupons

You may be surprised by what deals you may find just with a simple Google search! There are always coupons floating around for specific items at Shoppers on websites like WagJag and Love Coupons, for instance.

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