We love a Netflix night in as much as anyone else, but sometimes it’s nice to switch it up a bit. Especially during the summer when we can take advantage of the nice weather and longer days! Whether you enjoy a date night with incredible eats or prefer to go on a daytime adventure with your partner, Toronto has no shortage of date-worthy options for you and your boo. 

8 dates to go on before summer ends!

Go To The Drive-In

Why stay in and watch a movie or even go the regular movie theatre when you can go to the drive-in? You get a little taste of being outdoors while watching a couple of movies. Plus, you can bring a blanket and your own snacks. Here is a list of drive-in theatres in and near Toronto!

Relax Together At A Spa

If you have an anniversary coming up or simply just want to go on a special date, there’s nothing like going to the spa with your partner! It’s not only super relaxing, but it can be really romantic as well. You can get couple services at pretty much any spa, but if you want to just spend time together unwinding, a Nordic spa is the perfect place. 

Go On A Nature Walk/Hike

Getting out in nature with your partner is so underrated! Eliminate the distractions of the city and go on a hike at a nearby trail! If you’re not sure where to go, Moore Park Ravine is a great option that isn’t too difficult to complete.

Go To Brunch

Is it just us or are dates always reserved for dinner? Switch it up a bit by waking up and going on a brunch date! There are tons of great brunch spots in Toronto that are totally date-worthy. 


An easy and relatively free date idea is to go on a picnic! Pack up your favourite foods and drinks, lay out a blanket at a nearby park and enjoy! You can make it more romantic and “date-worthy” with some simple elements like an extra blanket, glassware, a bluetooth speaker, and so on. 

Have A Beach Day

Before summer ends, everyone should go on at least one beach date! You can spend quality time together laying in the sun, swimming in the lake, and just enjoying each other’s company with the sound of the waves.

Visit The Botanical Gardens 

What’s a cuter date than walking around and being surrounded by beautiful flowers? Toronto’s Botanical Garden is open every day from dawn to dusk, and you can even book a guided tour and learn something new together! 

Go Out For Dinner

Last but not least, you can never go wrong with a classic dinner date. To keep things interesting try out somewhere you’ve never been before and experience something new together! 

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