There’s just something about enjoying a cup of coffee or tea somewhere that isn’t at home. It somehow makes it taste that much better. Plus, visiting a cafe is a great way to get some work done in different scenery, which can feel extra inspiring. That being said, a specific vibe makes a cafe worthy of saying “for here” when ordering rather than “to-go”. Not only does the quality of the drinks differentiate a cafe from a cheap-coffee chain, but also how welcoming (or cozy) the atmosphere is! Toronto has a ton of great cafes throughout the city that are worth visiting.

We’ve gathered some of the cutest and coziest cafes in Toronto that you should visit for your next cup of coffee or tea.

AM Coffee Studio

Picture this: You head into AM Coffee Studio to sit with your morning cup of coffee, then you head into their studio for a yoga class, and on your way out you buy yourself some flowers to-go. It sounds like a dream, but it’s a reality at this coffee shop.

Kitten and the Bear

Transport yourself to the English countryside at Kitten and the Bear, where you can enjoy hand-made jam, scones, fine tea, and more!


On this cafe’s website, it explains the word Fika is a Swedish verb meaning “to go out for coffee” or can also be used as a noun to say “coffee break”, and that it’s standard in Sweden to invite friends to fika every few hours within the work day! Have your next fika (are we using that right?) at this Toronto cafe surrounded by books they’ve pinned to the walls, adding to the cozy factor!

Dineen Coffee Co.

Dineen Coffee Company has multiple locations in Toronto! The first one opened at the corner of Yonge and Temperance Street, in the historic Dineen Building, and is listed as a Toronto Heritage Property! Its historic atmosphere continues to live on, and it offers a unique ambience while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

Oretta Café

Admit it, sometimes you visit a cafe purely for the aesthetic. We aren’t here to judge! If you appreciate a cafe that provides a little bit of extra design goodness, you should visit Oretta Café. It’s accessed from the pedestrian walkway adjacent to the main Orterra restaurant!


Although this cafe is a chain, it doesn’t feel like one when you visit. There are Balzac’s locations open throughout Toronto and they all have a chill and welcoming atmosphere, and its coffee is known to be top-tier.

Neo Coffee Bar

Neo Coffee Bar is a modern Japanese bakery and cafe serving the coziest vibes. It’s a great spot to get some work done or even meet up with a couple of friends to chat while you sip – or both!

Creeds Coffee Bar

We recommend Creeds specifically if you’re looking to feel inspired and get some work done while you enjoy a hot beverage. This is a popular study spot in Toronto full of seating and large tables so you can work alongside others!

Rooms Coffee

Rooms Coffee has a few locations in Toronto all with a welcoming and cozy atmosphere that feels unique to the location. The cafe has a great menu featuring seasonal brews that you won’t want to miss out on. This is a great spot if you’re looking to get creative while you get caffeinated!

L’amour Cafe & Pastry

As stated in the name, L’amour doesn’t just stop at serving great beverages. Its pastries are show-stoppers at this cafe! The spot itself feels very chic and minimal, and the perfect atmosphere for a coffee date with a friend.

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